Casey & Skoglund PLLC


People have nice things to say about us.

Caring, approachable and available seven days a week during the course of our litigation.
— Suzi Ward, Board Member
C&S actions epitomize the phrase ‘under-promised and over-deliver.’ To say we’re impressed with the results of the litigation against Express is an understatement. Great job guys! Thank you.
— Ted Markow, Member Tempo Apartments LLC
On behalf of the board as well as all the homeowners, I would like to extend you a very warm and HUGE THANK YOU! You have been phenomenal in helping us out, patient in answering all our questions and very decisive in your actions. It was a pleasure working with you and having you represent the community. I will definitely not hesitate to recommend your legal counsel in case any of my friends are in a similar situation moving forward. Thank you once again!
— Dhaval Shah, Homeowner/Board Member Village at 15th
I just wanted to formally thank your firm for the excellent service you recently rendered our homeowners association in our remediation suit against the developers of our building. It took us five years but you never gave up or flagged during some very trying times. My interactions with you were always friendly, helpful and courteous; and most important, your client communications were prompt and informative. Your service provider referrals were excellent in John Petrie, and we were all pleased by the outcome of the suit. You guys give the lie to all those lawyer jokes.
— Alice Gilbert, Ballard Condominium Association
Damn fine attorneys who got it done!
— Jim Lewis
Tough, aggressive, and responsive!
— George Stewart, Homeowner
Terrific attorneys who became good friends!
— John Warner, Board President
Two former construction defense attorneys with a passion for righting what’s wrong!
— Terry Eggert
Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf. You guys were awesome.
— Lorraine MacKenzie, Palisade Park Homeowner
We selected Casey & Skoglund because of their aggressive approach to our problem. Little did we know that we had a PIT BULL for an attorney. Our problem was unique in that our developer did not have insurance. Chris found a way to get around this and once he got his teeth into the developer and sub’s he did not let go. He obtained a satisfactory settlement in mediation in spite of the hurtles we faced.
— Gary Waldner, President Thompson Townhomes
You took on our case when no one else would. You attended almost every Board and Homeowner meeting held over the course of 18 months without complaint. You guys are a blessing. Thank you for a wonderful result.
— Donna Adams, Board President Blueberry Place
My husband and I would like to thank you and the others for all your hard work on our behalf. Without your perseverance this would not have happened. Many of us bought this property under the assumption that we were making a financial investment. The majority of us are not investors that are aware of the laws, and we depend on the “professionals” such as contractors, builders, realtors and brokers to lead us in the right direction. Unfortunately there are those in the world that take advantage of people and their unforeseen misfortune.

You have renewed our faith in our judicial system and we thank you for that!
— Brenda & Nakita Hanley, Palisade Park Homeowners
The Board interviewed a variety of lawyers–from “by-the-book” to “non-main-stream.” The former required contracts full of legalese and tens of thousands of dollars up-front, and even then, they stated our chances were quite uncertain because their expertise was within 1-4 year statute for water damage under the State’s Condominium Act. They actually turned us down because they preferred a “sure thing.” The latter were willing to pursue damages in the riskier 4-6 year window we found ourselves in; we settled on “Chris” and “Todd” of Casey and Skoglund because they agreed to work on contingency and possessed creativity and down-to-earth experience, AND topped our expectations by bringing home in excess of $5,000,000.
— Erich Franz
Casey-Skoglund never gave up, they fought for us for five years. We filed a suit in 2004. Even though our lawsuit was thrown out of court two times over five years based on technicalities, Chris Casey never gave up or gave in. He fought for us; including filing two appeals to get our case reinstated. We won each time and, as a result, the Court of Appeals clarified previous conflicting decisions on the implied warranty of habitability in our favor and published its opinion, which will help all of Washington State’s homeowners. Thank you Chris for never giving up on us, not many would have stayed to see this through.
— Carol Vipperman, President Westlake View COA
As the purchaser and owner of numerous multifamily apartment buildings in Washington, my partners and I have had an opportunity to work with some of Seattle’s finest attorneys working for the largest and most “prestigious” law firms. I am glad we found Casey & Skoglund. You and your firm have exceeded our expectations. Being novices in the field of construction defect litigation, you took as much time as we needed to explain the process to us, A to Z, including a litigation strategy we were able to understand and that, in the end, proved successful beyond our expectations. Thank you.
— Yuan Zhang, Owner Lake City Apartments