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We are a boutique law firm specializing in construction defect law in Seattle, Washington

Resolution of your claim

Where money is at stake and you are not to blame, our job is to acquire, through negotiation or litigation, enough money to make you "whole." Our track record speaks for itself.

It is our job to ensure our clients are not left paying the tab for issues not of their making. In the field of contract law there is an implied understanding each party acts in good faith and fairly. We are here to ensure that happens. In the field of real estate and construction law we make sure you are made whole for any poor planning, delays in construction, and other related blunders not of your making. Casey & Skoglund's comprehensive knowledge of construction and residential and commercial real estate law is matched by a wealth of business knowledge and experience at your disposal.

Each of us at Casey & Skoglund are dedicated to remaining dominant in our field, and we look forward to utilizing our team approach on your behalf.




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What distinguishes our firm from the others

What helps distinguish our Firm is our familiarity with the construction defect defense attorneys and experts. We are able to utilize our relationships with these professionals to accelerate the investigation, settlement and repair process. Additionally, we are familiar with the tactics utilized by insurance companies, developers, contractors and defense counsel to minimize legitimate owner claims.

Another aspect of our practice that distinguishes us is our willingness to assist owners not only with the investigation and settlement process, but with the repair process too. We look forward to utilizing our team approach on your project, from beginning to end.  Please feel free to discuss your concerns with us at no cost.  We are here to help!

Pursuit of claims

Casey & Skoglund has successfully pursued and litigated varied property damage claims caused by fire, water and flood damage, and collapse. Further, our Firm has successfully litigated a series of product defect matters. These claims often involve complex architectural, product design and construction issues. Our Firm’s attorneys and support staff provide our clients with successful and effective case management of these matters from the start and through final resolution and repair.

Pursuing these claims requires taking the initiative early, in order to successfully determine all potentially liable parties. This includes retaining appropriate experts and developing a case management plan. Our Firm also takes the lead to explore the use of alternative dispute resolution early in a claim, to bring the case to a swift and and successful resolution.


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